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18 July 2010 @ 02:47 am
in which there is poop  
So, erm, bonjour~! I come bearing the perfect remedy to a lack of inspiration! Behold, dear comrades!


C'est comme une machine à bonbons. Tu mets de l'argent, ça te donne un twix.
You give it words, it gives you fic!

Voyez plutôt.

Title : The Battle of the Poop
Pairing : Akanishi Jin/KFC Man (yes)
Genre : G(enius)

In a super famous night club, Jin slipped his poop. He had been busy with the poop for hours and now wanted nothing more than a smelly cuddle or a big massage from his lover KFC Man.
He said this last thought out loud, and all of a sudden his sparkly KFC Man appeared at the door, grinning dangerously.
"Put down the poop," KFC Man said huskily. "Unless you want me to slip that poop on your crotch."
Jin put down the poop. He was freaky. He had never seen KFC Man so gross before and it made him laughable.
KFC Man picked up the poop, then withdrew an eyebrow from his hair. "Don't be so freaky," KFC Man said with a gross grimace. "A cow bit my butt this morning, and everything became iridescent. Now with this poop and this eyebrow I can huskily rule the world!"
Jin clutched his green butt quickly. This was his lover, his sparkly KFC Man, now staring at him with a gross hair.
"Fight it!" Jin shouted. "The cow just wants the poop for his own sparkly devices! He doesn't love you, not the smelly way I do!"
Jin could see KFC Man trembling quickly. Jin reached out his crotch and touched KFC Man's hair huskily. He was sparkly, so sparkly, but he knew only his green love for KFC Man would break the cow's spell.
Sure enough, KFC Man dropped the poop with a thunk. "Oh, Jin," he squealed. "I'm so smelly, can you ever forgive me?"
But Jin had already moved in a super famous night club. Like a dog marking its territory, he pressed his crotch into KFC Man's hair. And as they fell together in an iridescent fit of love, the poop lay on the floor, laughable and forgotten.


(je suis malade et j'ai rien fait de la journée, pardonnez-moi)
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